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About the SAODN

The South African Organisation Development Network (SAODN) is a not-for-profit company, which actively promotes the practice and sets the standards of organisation development, in South Africa and beyond.

The SAODN’s vision is effective organisations that make a difference.

The SAODN’s aspiration is ethical, responsible and relevant organisation development practices that shape organisations’ key questions and challenges, that implement workable and holistic solutions, and that develop engaged and resilient people.

The SAODN’s philosophy is that our vision and aspiration can only be achieved through partnership and collaboration, at all levels

The SAODN’s mission is:
  • To raise the profile and credibility of organisation development.
  • To encourage the adoption of good organisation development practice by leaders and managers.
  • To facilitate and enhance the professional development of Organisation Development practitioners.
  • To improve the standard of organisation development teaching and research.
  • To connect and represent the organisation development community.

The SAODN engages with the private, public and not-for profit sectors.
The SAODN’s target groups are:
  • Organisation Development practitioners
  • Leaders and managers
  • Managers and specialists in complementary functions, such as human capital, training, change management, coaching, and project management
  • Academics in the management and applied behavioural sciences
  • Organisation development students and early entrants to the profession.

The SAODN's services and products:
  • Improved membership benefits and incentives
  • Upgraded and expanded learning events
  • Network opportunities
  • LinkedIn discussion group
  • New – individual and company advertising on our website
Currently developing:
  • Career and competency framework and standards for OD Practitioners
  • Code of Ethics for the practice of Organisation Development
  • OD Consultant's Directory
  • Action research projects and case studies on the application of OD in a broad range of South African organisations

The SAODN's management structure consists of the Chairman and the Board of Directors who are responsible for strategic direction and governance, and the CEO and Portfolio Leaders who are responsible for operations and product and service improvements. An Advisory Body, which will be responsible for guiding best practice OD thinking, standards and application, is currently being established.

The SAODN is actively pursuing alliances with its key partners and stakeholders.