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Action Research

The Action Research is a new portfolio within the SAODN. It aims to produce action-based research results and case studies which demonstrate the application of organisation development in a broad range of organisations and contexts.

The firstt project leaders who register with the SAODN will be partners in the development of this Action Learning arm of the network. Your ideas and your experience will be vital to the research and dissemination of practices within Organisation Development in Southern Africa.


Members who wish to link their work to the Action Research portfolio should contact info with an outline of their project.

In order to qualify, the project:

  • Should not yet have started, or should be in the early stages of discovery.
  • Should be expected to run for at least 24 months
  • Should be of interest to Organisation Development practitioners
  • Should be aligned to the SAODN credo, ethics and code of practice

On acceptance of the project, the Action Research Steering Group will:

  • Assign a mentor to the project leader, who will serve as a pathway to various support services that the SAODN may be able to provide to the project.
  • Showcase the project through:
    • The SAODN Action Research web page, with periodic updates and requests for resources and support
    • SAODN OD Corner to provide updates to members and exploration of what has arisen from the project
    • SAODN Mash-ups, where qualifying projects can be used for deeper exploration work
    • The Flourish! national conference platform, where the project will receive an appropriate conference session for member exploration and project review
  • Build a community of practice around the project, drawing in other SAODN members who may be working on similar projects to explore alternative practices and to accelerate the project impact into other levels of societal and organisational systems.