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Call for Volunteers – February 2018

Build OD practice in South Africa

The SAODN exists as a community of practice because we, as Organisation Development practitioners, want it to exist. We are organised around the principles of volunteerism and learning.

We are at that time in the year where the question we need to ask ourselves is: “Do we want to learn together enough to volunteer our time and energy to make it happen ourselves?”

If your answer to this question is yes, please consider volunteering for one of the following roles. Some of you have also asked us for a bit more detail on what the roles entail (see below).

1.Regional Learning Director (Cape Town and Johannesburg)
2.Regional Convenor (We need 2-3 in Cape Town and Johannesburg both)
3.Flourish Conference / Special Event Convenor
4.Offer a special skill
5.Offer a venue

The core principle in our volunteer roles, is to ask for smaller chunks of time and energy so it can co-exist with all your other roles and responsibilities. If you volunteer, we will give you a 50% discount on your annual membership fees (carried over to 2019 if you’ve already paid for the year).

If your answer to the question on volunteering is “No”, it leads us down a path where we need to collectively ask ourselves whether the community of practice has run its course. I also welcome your thoughts in this regard. We surely aren’t an institution bent on protecting its own existence for its own sake. We are a community that exist because we choose to learn together, and when it has run its course that is also ok given the natural cycles of systems like ours.

As my term as CEO of the SAODN comes to an end, we have also put out a call for nominations for the new CEO to start their tenure mid-2018. We will re-issue that call and feel free to nominate yourself or someone else for this role too.

We welcome any inputs on what you may want to learn more about, or what session you may want to offer.

To those who have already put up their hands, a big thank you. We have had some offers of venues and some volunteering this week already.

We again thank Juta in Cape Town for their venue in 2017 and WorldsView Academy for their continued support. 2017 was a great year for the SAODN because of our volunteers: Michelle de Bruyn, Nomvula Dlamini, Lee Kingma, Candice October, Tracey Brown-Lee, Burgert Kirsten, Janet du Preez, Halima Daniels, Lindie Botha, Tanya Cruz-Teller, Christine Wilke and many others like our interns, IODA conference helpers, session facilitators, Board and operations team. Thank you for investing in your own learning, our collective learning and the profession of Organisation Development.

Warm Regards

Lucille Greeff.
Regional Learning Director
(Cape Town and Johannesburg)

This role orchestrates the work of the Regional Convenors and ensures that regional OD Corner events happen each month. The role requires oversight, integration of learning themes towards some coherence and some cheerleading when the convenors need it. You will probably host a meeting with your convenors once a quarter.
Regional Convenor
(We need 2-3 in Cape Town and Johannesburg both)

This role is the backbone of learning events and best shared between 2-3 people so you only organise an event once every 2-3 months. As the convenor you will enrol the collaborator or expert for the OD Corner, ensure we have the details for a mailer and then host the event on the day. Our Operations team sort out mailers, catering, venues etc so you don’t have to worry about logistics.
Flourish Conference / Special Event Convenor

Once a year we get together for a rejuvenating conference / retreat. We need someone to step up to this role to organise around a theme for the year, support the programme design, ensure selection of collaborators and feed into the admin and logistics handled by our Operations team.
Offer a special skill

If you want to organise an online session, get more members, do something on social media, offer website and design services or really anything that will serve the community, let us know what skills you want to offer (ongoing or once off).
Offer a venue

If your organisation has a venue that can host 30 people for 4 hours once or once a month in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town or surrounds please let us know. We are also looking for a venue to host a Meg Wheatley masterclass in Johannesburg in June that can seat 100 people – let us know if you have something to offer or barter in this regard.