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Call for Volunteers!

We are excited for the year ahead and this is our first call in 2018 for volunteers to contribute to the continued growth of the OD profession in South Africa and Africa.

The Learning Director and Convenor roles are designed around the principle of micro-volunteering, so it asks a bit of time every month, rather than lots of time. The Flourish Conference Convenor role requires more time over a shorter time-period around Q3 of 2018.

  • Learning Directors in Gauteng and Cape Town
  • Two conveners for each of the above regions
  • Flourish Conference Convenor (Annual SAODN Conference)

There is a 50% off your annual membership discount applicable for all volunteers.
To volunteer, or re-commit as a volunteer, please email by 9 February 2018 to let us know what roles you want to add value to. We look forward to your contribution to our profession.

1. Regional Learning Director (Cape Town and Johannesburg)

This role orchestrates the work of the Regional Convenors and ensures that regional OD Corner events happen each month. The role requires oversight, integration of learning themes towards some coherence and some cheerleading when the convenors need it. You will probably host a meeting with your convenors once a quarter.

2. Regional Convenor (We need 2-3 in Cape Town and Johannesburg both)

This role is the backbone of learning events and best shared between 2-3 people so you only organise an event once every 2-3 months. As the convenor you will enrol the collaborator or expert for the OD Corner, ensure we have the details for a mailer and then host the event on the day. Our Operations team sort out mailers, catering, venues etc so you don’t have to worry about logistics.

3. Flourish Conference / Special Event Convenor

Once a year we get together for a rejuvenating conference / retreat. We need someone to step up to this role to organise around a theme for the year, support the programme design, ensure selection of collaborators and feed into the admin and logistics handled by our Operations team.

4. Offer a special skill

If you want to organise an online session, get more members, do something on social media, offer website and design services or really anything that will serve the community, let us know what skills you want to offer (ongoing or once off)

5. Offer a venue

If your organisation has a venue that can host 30 people for 4 hours once or once a month in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town or surrounds please let us know. We are also looking for a venue to host a Meg Wheatley masterclass in Johannesburg in June that can seat 100 people – let us know if you have something to offer or barter in this regard.