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About Learning Events

The SAODN applies the following four key principles to all of its learning events:

  • Enrich: expand your knowledge and practice of OD by tapping into the collective wisdom of internal OD practitioners, external OD consultants and business leaders and managers who are set to share practice, challenges, and success and failure stories.
  • Inform: learn about the latest and most innovative OD trends, tools and techniques.
  • Connect: rub shoulders with, share lessons and lay the foundation for collaboration with like-minded individuals who are directly involved or interested in OD.
  • Co-Create: All our sessions aim to be examples of OD in the design and delivery of the session. Sessions are therefore an expression of co-creation, involvement and generative dialogue.

These principles serve to drive and support the overall objectives of the SAODN.

For general information on SAODN learning events and CPD points, please contact James Eckley at