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Learning Events

The SAODN is primarily a learning community of practice, dedicated to supporting the professional development of Organisation Development and associated fields in South Africa. Our learning events are opportunities for OD practitioners, students, managers and leaders to connect, share learning and explore questions relevant to the OD practice and profession.

About Learning Events

The SAODN applies the following four key principles to all of its learning events:

  • Enrich: expand your knowledge and practice of OD by tapping into the collective wisdom of internal OD practitioners, external OD consultants and business leaders and managers who are set to share practice, challenges, and success and failure stories.
  • Inform: learn about the latest and most innovative OD trends, tools and techniques.
  • Connect: rub shoulders with, share lessons and lay the foundation for collaboration with like-minded individuals who are directly involved or interested in OD.
  • Co-Create: All our sessions aim to be examples of OD in the design and delivery of the session. Sessions are therefore an expression of co-creation, involvement and generative dialogue.

These principles serve to drive and support the overall objectives of the SAODN.

For general information on SAODN learning events and CPD points, please contact James Eckley at

The SAODN currently hosts learning events in three regions:
  • Gauteng – Johannesburg / Pretoria
  • Western Cape – Cape Town
  • KwaZulu Natal – Durban

The SAODN delivers the following learning opportunities:

  • 1. OD Corners: Monthly half-day workshops

    These are 3-hour learning, dialogue and networking events, convened by members of the regional OD community. The sessions and themes are based on the needs and interests of the people attending the events and facilitated in a participative and co-creative manner. Themes vary from practical case studies to cutting-edge research and community inquiries.

    These sessions are open to SAODN Members (free) and non-members at a nominal cost.

    See the Learning Events Calendar for upcoming sessions.

  • 2. OD Mash-Up: one-day seminars

    These are one-day sessions aimed specifically at bringing innovative and cutting edge OD practices to the OD community. Each Mash-up hosts three contributions that are sourced to reflect the movement in practice and theory of OD into new territory. The Mash-ups are hosted in different regions throughout the year.
  • 3. Flourish! Conference: Annual SAODN conference

    The aim of the conference is to uncover examples of organisations that have successfully managed to flourish and in so doing determine how these lessons can be replicated elsewhere. The Flourish! conference is grounded in OD but acknowledges the impact and importance of related disciplines, such as HR and Industrial Psychology , and micro concepts such as leadership, management and group dynamics.

    The conference offers multifaceted and highly engaging process of co-creative learning as well as speakers sourced both locally & internationally.

    2012 saw the inaugural Flourish! Conference hosted at Intundla Lodge north of Pretoria. This conference was organised according to sectoral themes, namely corporate effectiveness, healthcare, education and public service delivery.

    For more about future and past conferences, please visit

    For more information, email Donna Glanvill.

  • CPD Points

    CPD points with the SABPP are available, upon application, for attendance on the SAODN Mash Ups and the Flourish! Conference. The SAODN has submitted for CPD accreditation and CPD points will be available for attendance at OD Corners by mid 2016.
  • Other Learning Events

    The SAODN actively partners with partner institutions to offer discounted learning opportunities at annual conferences and events. These events are advertisedhere. We also try to provide feedback from international conferences when members have attended these international events. This enables the broader SAODN community to benefit from the learning members bring back with them.

For more information, email Donna Glanvill, SAODN Learning Director.