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Message from Mike Truelock, Chairperson SAODN.

It is time to communicate some key changes within the SAODN and update you all on deliberations being undertaken by your Board of Directors.

Firstly, it is my pleasure to announce that Roshon Omar has been appointed to succeed Lucille Greeff as MD of the SAODN. Roshon was one of the first group of practitioners who decided to get together and form a network for people interested in sharing knowledge and learning in OD. Roshon is Head of OD and Transformation at PPECB stationed in Cape Town and has been an active member of the SAODN network from its inception. Thank you for stepping up to serve your community Roshon.

Lucille Greeff our current MD has completed her term of office and on behalf of the Board and of the membership I would like to thank Lucille for the extensive work she has put in to get us to a position of financial stability and international recognition. Lucille will continue to add value to the network by staying on the Board and we look forward to the diversity of thinking that will evolve within the Board.

As stated at the IODA conference my key challenge as Chairperson of the Board would be to assist the Board and network in becoming relevant within the SA OD landscape, to the extent that we have a strong representation among all OD and HR communities of practice and attract membership by being a value adding contributor to lifelong learning in the OD field.

In this regard the Board has just completed a Strategy review and mapped out various options for ensuring that change in membership value is achieved. We have agreed to maintain the essence of a volunteer organisation and network; however, we realise that collaboration with other key representative organisations is required, and that the lifelong learning ethos must be at the forefront of what we stand for. I this regard various regional networking structures will be trialled, and we appeal to you our community to assist in testing new ways of delivering network learning. Roshon and Lucille will pioneer this work over the next few months.

I look forward to sharing the changes with you and canvasing current and new members for ideas and support in our vision of providing a strong developing body of knowledge in the Southern African OD diaspora.

Mike Truelock
Chairperson of the SAODN & Flourish Board