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The SAODN follows a philosophy of abundance. We realize that the work we need to do can only be done in collaboration with our stakeholders and partners. The sum of our intelligence, resources and wisdom does not ‘stop at our skin’.

The purpose of our Strategic Partnership Portfolio is to build and nurture our networks so that we can achieve our objectives and, at the same time, add to the worth/ wealth of our partners so that there is a fair exchange of value.

Currently, the SAODN has an MOU with the South African Board of People Practices and is finalising an MOA related to specific areas of partnership.

The SAODN aims to establish alliances and partnerships with several professional bodies in field that are complementary to OD, such as change management, facilitation, coaching, etc.

Contact: Craig Yeatman, SAODN Chairman, on o82 449 6712 for more information.


Taking pride in its established positioning as a High-Performance Initiative, the Future of HR Summit is a unique annual forum in which business leaders sit down together and share their HR challenges, successes and innovations, to drive the development of strategic HR within their organisations and across the economy.

HR is truly one of the most valuable departments in business today. A top HR team attracts and retains the best talent, unites employees behind a mandate for excellence and ensures compliance with B-BBEE and other legislation so crucial to success.

The Summit empowers companies to raise the impact of their HR division, so as to move the company and their sector forward.

The  Future of HR  Awards complements the Summit, by recognising and promoting the leading lights of the HR industry – individuals and companies busy reshaping HR into a strategic component  integrated with their vision and mission. Every year, our award winners raise the bar higher.