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SAODN Call for CEO Nominations

December 2017 & January 2018


Greetings and complements of the Christmas Festive season to all the members of the OD community.

On behalf of the Board of the SAODN I am reaching out to our community for nominations for the leadership role of CEO of our network. We would appreciate both self-nomination or nominations of someone you believe would take the SAODN forward into the future.

Lucille Greeff our current CEO will complete her term of office in June 2018 and is looking to hand over the batten of leadership to someone with energy, passion and time to lead the organisation into the next two to three years. Lucille has been an exemplary leader and catalyst for organisational success taking the network from a loss situation with shrinking membership to the current healthy position of having hosted the IODA global OD conference here in SA.

This is a volunteer position and the key responsibilities are laid out below. The future of OD as a Networked group of lifelong learning professional practitioners is in our hands and we as a Board appeal for you to seriously asses your leadership capacity and put your names forward for consideration to build on Lucille and her team of volunteers amazing work.

You can put forward your nominations by following the link provided below. Nominations will remain open for all of December 2017 and January 2018.

God Bless you all over this festive season, stay safe and enjoy the family time many of you spend together. Travel safe and we look forward to a Growth year in 2018.

Mike Truelock
Chairperson of the SAODN & Flourish Board

My SAODN CEO Nomination


  • Provide strategic leadership for the SAODN as a not-for-profit, volunteer-driven community of practice for OD in South Africa.
  • Ensure financial health and sustainability of the organisation.
  • Provide strategic and operational leadership for the community network events and annual
  • Flourish conference.
  • Promote OD in South Africa and globally through appropriate networking.
  • Promote good OD practice and enhance professional development of the South African OD community.
  • Grow the membership and network of the SAODN and ensure membership value and benefits.
  • Provide Operational reports and interact with the SAODN Board.