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Do not forget to book for the Meg Wheatley retreat coming in June. Head to our event for more detail. ...

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Do not forget to book your tickets to the Meg Wheatley master classes coming up in CT and JHB. go to our events for more details. ...

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Commercial Astuteness for HR

(10% SAODN Member Discount)

Presented by Human Insights

Upcoming Event
Enabling HR
The speed with which businesses are changing is creating a new opportunity for HR Professionals to shape the way that they drive value for their organisations.

CEO’s are demanding more value – and this value demand is at times misunderstood.
To support HR in accelerating its pact, The Human Insights Corporation, has designed a compendium of modules to build HRT capability which ensure that the business and people alignment is always top of mind.

These modules are presented in the form of workshops which ensures that participants are “stretched” in an environment which centres around self -discovery. Commercial Astuteness, a Human Insights Corporation concept, is one of the pivotal modules, and it is our pleasure to bring to you a world first in terms of concept, practice and process.

22 – 23 May 2018, Cape Town
24 – 25 July 2018, Johannesburg
21 – 22 August 2018, Cape Town

R 8 500 (inclusive)

10% discount for registering three (3) or more delegates on the same workshop date.
10% discount for SAODN registered members.

CPD points has been approved in principle with SABPP. The programme will qualify for 15 CPD points once completed.

Commercial Astuteness Thought Leader
André is the founder and Managing Director of The Human Insights Corporation. He is the author of TALENT VALUE MANAGEMENT Liberating Organisational Growth published in 2017. He has provided leadership at a board, senior board and global level for several of the organisations where he was employed including General Motors, Coca-Cola, SABCO, Pioneer Foods and Johnson & Johnson, where he held various Director roles. Andre together with other Partners of The Human Insights Corporation have created unique and exclusive solutions to help HR professional drive value in their organisation.

Workshop Purpose
To provide HR Professional with the Commercial Astuteness to formulate people solutions which add value and align with the business growth agenda.

Workshop Outcomes
What is Commercial Astuteness?
“Being knowledgeable and mentally alert to the way that the business operates to identify opportunities to advance the business agenda through impactful HR interventions? (André Pandy)

Outcomes that twill be achieved during the workshop:
Decoding Commercial Astuteness
Understanding the commercial Astuteness Funnel – from identifying business concepts to formulating and executing business aligned HR plans
Extracting HR opportunities form the profit and loss statement
Conducting a HR Value Mapping exercise

Who should attend
HR Practitioners to HR Director level
Pre-requisite: Individuals should have a minimum of 5 – 6 year’s work experience complemented with a basic understanding of how a business operates.

Workshop Methodology
The workshop uses the following methodologies:
Facilitated learning, group dialogue practical work, self-discovery and on-the-job application
Constant evaluation of the learner will occur through pre- and post-programme quizzes, case studies, minim case studies and engagement.
Registration process
1. Complete the registration form and submit electronically to
2. Obtain an invoice, process and submit proof of payment
3. A course confirmation with the relevant information will be sent to you as confirmation of your booking.

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This is what some of the South African practitioners that have been on the year-long Path for Warriors for the Human Spirit programme say about Meg and her work:

“Being part of the 'Path for Warriors for the Human Spirit' with Meg Wheatley has been quietly
disruptive. I have been challenged by some of the thinking, touched by the compassion of the way
and called to practice developing clear perception and an open heart. Meg’s teachings are hard to
hear and impossible to ignore. She makes you think!” ~ Judy Bekker, Renaissance Business

"What a relief to find a programme that isn’t trying to fix, reverse or change systems, but rather is
focused on building a community of ‘decent' human beings who are seeking to arm ourselves with
compassion and insight, and bring out the best in ourselves and others, while (trying to be!)
unattached to outcomes."
~ Paul Hollesen, Sustainability Pracitioner.

"The warriors' path has been a direct experience of finding the hidden connection between the
spaces of life and people. A path of unfolding sacred belonging. It has strengthened my capacity to
be in the world and with myself with steadfastness and lightness. The gifting of the teachers and
fellow warriors community has been one of deep holding and care - it has given me the freedom to
choose. Gratefully it continues with wonder."
~ Inge Adelfang-Hodgson.

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Grab a copy of Meg Wheatley's new book before the master class.

Meg's new book, “Who Do We Choose To Be? Facing
Reality, Claiming Leadership and Restoring Sanity” invites
us to be Warriors for the Human Spirit: leaders, activists,
and citizens who make a meaningful contribution in this
time of increasing assaults on the human spirit and all life.

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Meg Wheatley in South Africa!

It is with great excitement that I would like to announce that the SAODN will be hosting the wise
and phenomenal Meg Wheatley in June 2018 in South Africa. I know many of you are familiar with
Meg’s work. I first came to know of her when I read Leadership and the New Science in the mid
1990’s, my first introduction to the world of complexity. The brief interactions I have had with her
on past visits to South Africa have left me wanting to learn more with and from her, which is why
this opportunity excites me so much.
Her new book, “Who Do We Choose To Be? Facing Reality, Claiming Leadership and Restoring
Sanity” invites us to be Warriors for the Human Spirit: leaders, activists, and citizens who make a
meaningful contribution in this time of increasing assaults on the human spirit and all life.
We invite you to participate in her workshops and retreat in June 2018. Book these dates and
take the opportunities to be with Meg in her master classes or the Retreat right now. We have
worked hard to make the prices affordable and we will be offering scholarships to all the events as
well. If your organisation would like an in-house master class with Meg, there is one opportunity to
host her during her trip available – let us know if your organisation would like to take up that offer.

Lucille Greeff, SAODN CEO

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What an exciting year 2017 has been for the SAODN. Hosting the international OD community in September was the biggest accomplishment of our local OD community to date. If you haven’t seen the video of the conference yet, check it out at the end of this email. As we continue to grow as an OD community, I am coming to realise more and more that OD offers people who believe in human-centred values for organisations an open source of tools, techniques and processes that support healthy and effective organisations. You don’t have to call yourself an OD practitioner to be one and benefit from the developments and thinking in the OD space.

We are looking forward to an equally exciting 2018. Thank you to all the members in the Gauteng community that have participated in the recent review of the local chapter – we will be in touch shortly with the next steps based on that review. We also recently participated in the SABPP drafting of Leadership Standards for South Africa. The draft standards are available for comment on request so let us know if you want a copy.

This time of the year is an excellent opportunity to renew your membership. We kept our rates steady in 2016 and 2017, but there is an increase in fees from 2018. If you renew now, you can however do so at 2017 rates. Your membership gives you free access to all OD Corner events, opportunities to reach our members, conference discounts, webinars and local and international workshop discounts. In 2017 the workshop and discount offers gave you more than 4 times the value of your membership fee.

As in 2017 there is an option to join IODA and the SAODN through a single membership. If you are planning to attend the IODA conference in Turkey in September 2018, know that there are 10 IODA bursaries available for that conference (full attendance, excludes flights).

The Board has also decided that members who volunteer for the Regional Organising Teams in 2018 will qualify for a volunteer discount to say thank you for the efforts. This will apply for active rather than past volunteers. We have positions to fill in all our regions and on the management team, so let us know if you are keen to get involved in 2018 in service of our profession.

Those of you that were at the IODA Flourish conference would have had the opportunity to meet our amazing interns. Rejane Damonse, a final year Tsiba student, really stood out in terms of her abilities, the eager way in which she embraced challenges and her overall interest in our field. Her note on the interning experience with the SAODN is at the end of this email. I would however like to encourage anyone who is looking to employ a young OD practitioner in the making once she finishes her studies at the end of this year, to contact us so we can connect you with her. We are so proud of you Rejane!

We look forward to your continued support of the SAODN. Renew your membership now to save on 2018 rates.

Warm Regards
Lucille Greeff
Managing Director SAODN

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Cape Town OD Corner

Finding humanity in the workplace…the balance between ego and soul?

Join us for an afternoon to create space for collaboration on soulful organisations through theory, learning, experience and co-creation of knowledge. It is a massive challenge to coach, consult and practice HR in organisations that move at a high speed towards targets and being competitive. People need more and more to return to simple, sustainable & practical ways to care for themselves and others.

We will ask the following questions:
*“how do we support organisations to be human again?”
*“how do we find the balance between doing and being?”
*“how do we move from ego-driven speed to soulful rhythm?”

We will discuss the recent shift in organisational consciousness. I will share personal experiences and practices that work for me in coaching and consulting through the lens of soulfulness and spiritual intelligence. Further, I will share how I use experiential work outside to facilitate a move towards honesty, humanity and authenticity. These include simple ways to create space and pass it on of you like. We will also create space to connect with our own humanity.

Date: 19 October 2017
Registration: 12:30
Session: 13:00-16:00
Venue: Juta Offices, 21 Dreyer Street, Sunclare Building, Claremont.
Members: Inclusive of membership fee.
Non-members: R350
NPO/ Pensioners/ Students: R250
Please contact for any queries.

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Special 50% member discount on workshops

Dear SAODN Member,

We are now in the final stretch before we open the doors to the Conference! We are so excited to welcome you. This message is a special offer to you as a SAODN member and we hope you will put your hand up and help us to make this event a huge success.

Thank you to everyone who has already taken up the member's special discounted rates to attend the conference. We see there are many of you who are not planning to attend the conference and we would like to create an opportunity for you to benefit from some of the amazing workshop experiences offered as part of the Pre- and Post-Conference.

Member's offer: Attend any of the Workshops at a 50% discounted rate.

Please have a careful look at the various workshops below and make your selection. Send us a mail at to register.

Please let us know by Wednesday which of these workshops you would like to attend.

These workshop are deep dive experiences and will not be repeated during the conference.

Finally, there is an IODA SAODN member's event for all of you who have registered to attend the conference. Details will be in your mailbox today.

Kind Regards,
IODA Flourish Conference Team

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